It’s amazing what we find around us to inspire our thinking and our motivation to improve our life’s work.  Recently in a Voxer discussion with a Women in Educational Leadership to which I belong, we began discussion podcasting and vlogging. Both of these formats are new to me. Although I am an experienced, comfortable presenter, the thought of recording my words or videotaping myself was somewhat intimidating. However I successfully completed my first podcast.

Barnegat Pride Podcast

Here are the steps I utilized:

  1. First I downloaded the Opinion app from the app store. This was recommended to me by @AllysonApsey. She indicated it was easy to use and that I could upload music. I was excited to get started!
  2. In preparation to record, I wrote my speech first. I was nervous to “ad lib” and wanted to be sure that my word choice was varied and I could practice before recording. After writing my podcast, I was ready to record.
  3. Using the Opinion app was easy! This app allowed me to record audio directly from my phone, cut and edit clips easily, and add music! I recorded my audio twice because I wanted to make sure my vocal inflections on certain words helped convey the message I was sharing.
  4. I chose to add two different music clips. One as an introduction and one after I finished speaking. Adding clips was simple, but since I do not typically store music on my phone and I wanted certain music clips, I downloaded one additional song to add to my podcast. This step was my biggest challenge because I wanted the ability to fade music clips before I began speaking to improve transitions but was unable to do so. I am hoping to improve my podcasting, as this was my first attempt!
  5. After creating the podcast, it was easy to complete the prompts and post and share my first podcast.

The other reflection I wanted to share today is a something that I think I have known all along, not only about myself but about others as well.

Adobe Spark (8).jpg

I KNOW that when I can work with inspiration, clarity, focus, and positivity I am more productive. I inspire others and those around me feel the effects of joy and creative energy. This year I will strive each day to remain #hopeful so that I may inspire others and also that I remain open to the inspiration I receive each day from the #compelledtribe and other members of my PLN.


Author: karenwoodedu

Karen Wood is the Superintendent of Schools in Barnegat, NJ. With twenty-three years in education, Ms. Wood's career has been spent primarily in administration. She enjoys mentoring novice administrators and being connected to inspirational educators and leaders across the country.

2 thoughts on “Inspired”

  1. Karen,
    Hats off to you for branching out and creating a podcast!! I’m sure Allyson was a great teacher and her podcast is a great model for us all. Speaking of modeling, you are doing that for your administrative staff and your whole district. We need more superintendents like you willing to branch out and try new things!!

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